What is sludge?

There are multiple forms of ‘sludge’ found within heating systems created by corrosion, but all are systematically damaging to your heating system operating effectively and efficiently.

Corrosion occurs when refined metals revert back to their natural ore state. Corrosion in your hydronic heating system takes place when two areas of metal with a different electrical charge are in contact with a conductor – the water. As water runs through a central heating system, corrosion occurs, causing harmful black iron oxide sludge to build-up in your boiler, heating controls, radiators and pipework.

From the time of installation and commissioning a central heating system will, potentially, start to corrode. This will continue to build up over time, getting progressively worse, usually from a general lack of maintenance, protection and poorly designed system.

How long does the powerflush take?

With a small system of 5-6 radiators, it would take on average about 6 hours, however, multiple factors can affect this duration, but our engineer will do the utmost to keep you updated on the flush process and progression. We advise setting aside the day so the works can be completed efficiently and effectively.

Is it beneficial?

A powerflush is a method used to bring your system back to a working condition, usually because of poor installation and most commonly lack of maintenance. The efficiency of your heating system can vary enormously with multiple factors influencing how efficient it COULD be functioning. Completion of the powerflush will ensure that sludge will not contribute to continued system failure from sludge and debris.

A Magnaclean Filter is an unnecessary expense?

An expense yes, unnecessary, certainly not (Magnetic Filters). The very reason you may need a powerflush and why many Home-owners and Landlords end up shelling out is due to the lack of maintenance and preventative steps taken to avoid this occurring. Having a Magnaclean Filter fitted after a powerflush or with a new boiler installation, provides your system with continued protection and can avoid untimely and costly breakdowns.

How much disruption is caused?

Before any equipment is set up by the engineer, they will select the most convenient location for us and yourself, although there are strict location criteria required to enable the power flush to be completed. During the process, you will not have access to heating or hot water- and at times, your cold water supply may also be affected.

Do you remove the radiators?

In certain situations the engineer is required to remove a radiator. You will be notified beforehand and upon completion the radiator will be reinstalled.

My heating is not working?

A powerflush only removes the sludge and debris which has caused or contributed to your heating system and components failing. If heating components have failed as a direct result of foreign matter, with your authorisation the engineer can diagnose and replace the necessary part or parts, this may not be possible on the same day.

Do you powerflush UFH (underfloor heating)?

Yes. We will powerflush underfloor heating loops, even as a combination of traditional heating (radiators) and additional ufh.

…So do I need a power-flush completed every year?

If the system is correctly maintained, well designed, and regularly treated with a corrosion inhibitor, then it is unlikely to need deliberate flushing until significant changes are next made to the system. Once a power flush has been completed, your system will be clean, but you will need continued maintenance like our Triple A* service:

A annual Boiler service
A annual Magna Filter service
A Heating water quality check with inhibitor dosing
Annual boiler servicing is both a requirement by boiler manufacturers and most importantly keeps you SAFE.

Having a new boiler installed, do I need a Power flush?

Definitely! There are varied opinions on pre-flushing of a heating system before a new boiler installation, especially when installing on to an older heating system, which usually has never been flushed or properly maintained. However with our boiler installation packages, which are discussed and explained to you in detail during a pre-boiler installation site survey, we complete a power flush or cleanse and more, as a requirement to validate the manufacturer’s warranty which can be up to 10 years depending boiler brand and model.

How much will it cost?

We base our pricing. on the number of radiators, type of heating system and whether a pre-treatment is required, this pre-treatment depends primarily on the condition of the water, and other symptoms you are experiencing with your heating system, contact us on 0203 444 0554 or info@rbgservices.co.uk.

How can I pay?

Cash, BACS, Major Cards* and Paypal accepted. Payment will be taken on completion of works by the engineer.
Larger jobs will require a deposit prior to works commencing, and the remaining balance payable on completion.

*Card terminal carried by engineers.


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